The Black Vulture returned to Dobrogea after more than half a century

When we were preparing to say that for Dobrogea, 2021 was the year of the flamingos, the end of the year brought us another big surprise. The Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus), an extinct species in Romania for more than half a century, has reappeared in Dobrogea. If until this year there were sporadic reports of birds in transit, now is the first time that a Black Vulture chooses to stay longer...

Nature’s show in your home, offered by Mesta creations

Paintings carved in natural stone, onyx with unreal hues, which you watch for minutes and cannot take your eyes off it, drawings of marble, granite and travertine, in different combinations of colours and cutouts, all Mesta creations bring to mind the tales from "The 1001 Arabian Nights". I admired them at the Mesta marble and travertine showroom in Constanța for more than two hours and I could...

Lunca Fishermen’s House Pension proposes new activities to tourists in the autumn-winter season

The tourist season never ends in Dobrogea. In fact, I can say that there is no extraseason in this picturesque region. Summer is gone, but it is a real pleasure to spend your vacation or minivacation in Dobrogea in autumn or winter as well. It is the period when we get rid of the heat, the mosquitoes disappear and do not bother us anymore, the traffic is much lighter, and the trees and reeds get...

The royal residences in Constanta and their history

For more than 100 years, the royal residences in Constanta have been a topic of interest for those passionate about famous architectures. I really admire those who have built something in their lives and have left behind important achievements, which will be long talked about. And while we are still talking about royalty and the inheritance it has left us, one of my favourite quotes from Queen...

Appetizers, food, fish sweets. No meal without fish at Sfântu Gheorghe

During the communist era, when Romania's president was Nicolae Ceausescu, there was the slogan: "No meal without fish." At that time, this ad was on many blocks of flats, at intersections or in shops, and we were all urged to eat fish. Obviously, I thought it was a joke, and that nobody would ever eat fish at all meals. Oh, well! I have found out that there were times when the inhabitants of...

The traditional Dobrudjan household, a rare sight nowadays

The butter churn, the wooden vessel for water, big wooden spoons, barks, traditional napkins, the dowry chest, gossamer fabrics, and many other things long forgotten in this era of technology, were always present in the traditional Dobrudjan household. Now, they only remind us of the objects of our grandparents in the country, but about others we have read only in stories. At the Folk Art Museum...

How King Carol II gave the “vinegar-like sour Austrian wines” for the sweet wines from Murfatlar

King Carol II fell in love with the Murfatlar wines and he ordered in 1939 the transition of the nursery from state property of the royal domanin. Dobrudja, the region caressed by the sunrays, lying between the Black Sea and the Danube, has a wine history that dates back from the days of the Dacians. It is said that Burebista, the King of the Getae and Dacians, urged his people to abstinence...

The Constanta Casino and its fabulous history

All those who love the architecture of the Constanta Casino have been waiting for ages for the derelict symbolic building of the city to be rehabilitated. One can shoot a film out of the dramas of the Constanta Casino’s life that could beat the box office record. It has known glory and decay for many times, it knows what it is like to be wealthy, but also dirt poor. Its problems have started...

6 Great Things about Dobrogea

Every year, on 14th of November, Dobrogea is celebrating it’s founding. Aside from the traditional congratulations, I made a top six aspects that uniquely define the charm of the Dobrogea region. Even though it is the “oldest” Romanian area, Dobrogea is very beautiful, rich and “well gifted”, more of a reason for which the Dobrogea brand must be promoted at it’s true value, so that all tourists,...

Discover Dobrogea

The Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta make Dobrogea a unique destination, a dream land for anyone visiting it. Regardless of the fact that we talk about Constanta or Tulcea, there are landscapes which are unique in Europe in the region, numerous traces of ancient civilization, spiced up with a strong religious spirit and an enviable ethnic diversity.


Attractions in Dobrogea

‘Discover Dobrogea’ will help you discover the areas with historical background, the places which are worth visiting, heritage buildings with superb architecture, fortresses and archaeological sites, the cultural, gastronomic, architectural and wine-growing past and present of Dobrogea.

6 Great Things about Dobrogea

6 Great Things about Dobrogea

Every year, on 14th of November, Dobrogea is celebrating it’s founding. Aside from the traditional congratulations, I made a top six aspects that uniquely define the charm of the Dobrogea region. Even though it is the “oldest” Romanian area, Dobrogea is very...

6 good reasons to visit Dobrogea attractions

6 good reasons to visit Dobrogea attractions

Dobrogea is the only area from Romania, located between the Danube and the Black Sea. This region, placed in the southeastern part of the country, is an amazing land with ancient ruins, beaches and vineyards, an unique destination, a dream place for any visitor. No...

Sarichioi, the village with happy people and beautiful traditions

Sarichioi, the village with happy people and beautiful traditions

If anybody would have told me that Tulcea’s town, Sarichioi is a dream place I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it imprinted into my soul. I promised myself that I will return there to stay a while, to learn the place by heart. The...


Food and wine

Whether we talk about the Romanian Black Sea coast or the Danube Delta, the traditional Dobrogean dishes and delicious wine are the ambassadors of Dobrogea for Romanian or foreign tourists coming to the region. Visit the wineries in Dobrogea, take part in wine and traditional product tastings, listen to the music of the folk ensembles, admire the fairytale landscapes and enjoy the experience of a holidayin the area situated between the Danube and the Black Sea.

History and culture

In Dobrogea, each locality presents us something unique and unusual, each heritage building has an interesting story.

Dobrogea area, territory of Great Romania, has a vast historical and cultural heritage, spectacular tourist attractions, numerous treasures which ‘Discover Dobrogea’ promotes.

Regardless of whether we talk about Constanta County or about the beautiful localities of Tulcea, Dobrogea reveals to us fairy tale landscapes, pages of history and heritage buildings which are over a century old.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a magical land, which, once visited, you want to see it again. In any season you go, you are mesmerised by the fairytale landscapes, by the hospitality of the hosts, by the dishes prepared with love by the housewives, by the traditions that are still preserved. ‘Discover Dobrogea’ presents the stories of the locals, the history of the localities situated between the Danube waters and the diversity of the Danube Delta cuisine.

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