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Sarichioi, the village with happy people and beautiful traditions

April 12, 2019

Portul Sarichioi Sarichioi Port

If anybody would have told me that Tulcea’s town, Sarichioi is a dream place I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it imprinted into my soul. I promised myself that I will return there to stay a while, to learn the place by heart.

Delta Dunarii SarichioiThe fishermen harbor of Sarichioi was the first that I noticed upon arriving and, honestly, it was very difficult to go  from there and continue my trip. I caught the harbor at the sunset and the place was very beautiful under the orange light. The boats left by the village fishermens to rest, were sitting quietly on the shore of the lake Razim. They looked like they were aligned there especially for the photo session that followed. 

Flowers in all colors in front of the local backyards

Flowers in SarichioiI hadn’t had enough of the wonderful harbor when I passed through the village. I swear I’ve never seen more flowers in front of houses as I did here. You would think they were having a contest. All colors and all kinds were sitting there proud making the passing through the village even more pleasant. Late in the evening I was sorry I didn’t take some pictures, I was just so taken with the place that I forgot to open the camera.

The old rite church from Sarichioi

Sarichioi Old Rite ChurchOn the shore of the same Razim Lake I found the Lipovans old rite Church from Sarichioi. I am not fool for places of worship, but this one is really something else. On the shore of the Razim Lake, the building is painted white and light blue and wears haughtily golden domes, ending with the cross sign different from the usual cross sign. The Lipovans cross has eight heads instead of four and is made from three wood sticks instead of only one.

The Lipovans respect with holiness their traditions

Sarichioi Old Rite ChurchIn Sarichioi lives the greatest community of Lipovans fromRomania, and their traditions are respected there with holiness. The weddings here are very beautiful and there are some customs here known only by the locals. The wedding starts on Sunday morning, very early. At 5 o’clock in the morning a group of women come from the bride’s to be gate to the grooms house to wake him up for going after the bride. He will go, together with other people to “buy” his darling and the negotiation is done by the bride’s girlfriends. At the religious ceremony the bride wears her hair braided in one and eventually will put her hair up in a bun with a small hat embroiled with beads. The women are not allowed into the old rite church without wearing something on their head. From the church the newlywed and the procession go to the groom’s house to eat and then, all together go to the restaurant, singing and dancing all the way.

The people of Sarichioi are as happy as the lottery winners

Happy people in SarichioiI told you the Lipovans are very happy people. I’ve seen them in different circumstances and their faces are always smiling. They are extremely energetic people, always with their “batteries charged”, I am still sure they discovered the external battery with the highest possible amperage. I got to study the members of the Ensemble Landâș when they sang one night at the Uzlina hotel. They had such happy faces, as if they just learned they won the lottery. I get to meet many people daily, but I really never seen anybody as happy as these people are. Including the mayor of the Sarichioi town, Finoghen Vitali-Cristian, which sang, danced and smiled all night, even though it was a Monday and he had come after a tiring day of work to be with the Ensemble Landâș.

I would never want to see these people upset, but, I confess, I am curious to see if they would still be smiling. Corina Davidov, the spokesperson of the The Touristic Destination Management Association Danube’s Delta danced together with the women and men of the Ensemble Landâș in a gorgeous outfit that took everyone’s attention, and after some time, even though it was late night and the show was over, she was beaming with happiness. She told us she is also from Sarichioi and the locals have extremely beautiful traditions. I don’t know what these people eat, but I would really have some too. The gossipers say that liquor makes the Lipovans so happy, but I didn’t see them to even touch alcohol. I was so struck by their ecstatic state, that I will try to find their secret. They made me really curios. If they will reveal it to me you will be the first ones find out. Be happy and loved!


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