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Nature’s show in your home, offered by Mesta creations

November 21, 2019

Mesta marmură și travertin

Paintings carved in natural stone, onyx with unreal hues, which you watch for minutes and cannot take your eyes off it, drawings of marble, granite and travertine, in different combinations of colours and cutouts, all Mesta creations bring to mind the tales from “The 1001 Arabian Nights”. I admired them at the Mesta marble and travertine showroom in Constanța for more than two hours and I could have still sat as long, without getting bored. The natural stone processed at Mesta, with great passion for details and ornaments, brings nature’s show to your home. When you see the marble with special veins and surprising colours, from emerald green to the foamy sea blue or with different tones of brown, brought from Turkey, India or Brazil precisely because it is exotic, as if you feel like renovating your house, just to look daily at these wonders created by nature.

Mesta takes the stone processing to the level of art

Those days when marble or granite were cut by hand are gone at Mesta. Since last year, the company has invested in the largest, most complete and modern natural stone processing line in South-East Europe. In the factory in Constanta, Mesta has 6 modern machines that sculpt, scan, process 3D and shape any kind of natural stone.

Mesta marmura si travertin“The models to be processed are made on the computer, in the Autocad design program. Once we have the drawings, the machines can make any kind of cuts and patterns in marble, granite or travertine. The devices can operate alone, through a system of suction cups, plates up to three and a half meters, and if the smallest problem arises, they detect it and stop”, said for Discover Dobrogea the general manager of Mesta Marble and Travertine Company, Mr. Bilal Gür. He specified that the introduced models can be scanned automatically, because the devices draw on the stone by themselves. The machines are equipped with a system that engraves or carves on 3, 5 or 7 axes.

Mesta sculptura tablouriFor example, the sculpture of a bas-relief is done in 5 axes, and a complete 3-D processing is done in 7 axes.

Tablouri MestaWith the Donatoni machines imported from Italy, a state-of-the-art equipment, the company managed to bring the stone processing to the level of art. In addition, the equipment does not dust during polishing, cutting or carving plates, because it works with a water jet system. “This is one of our strengths, Mesta Factory protects the environment, so I can say it is <green >. We take care of the environment, we do not pollute it”, proudly declares the manager, Bilal Gür.

Mesta Marble in exotic colours, brought from India, Brazil and Turkey

Marble, a kind of queen of the natural stone, has been used ever since ancient times for both its beauty and its resistance over time. As the market is saturated with products from China, Mesta representatives, encouraged by increased customer demands, bring marble and granite from India, Brazil and Turkey. Marmura din India Mesta

“The colours and patterns of the marble from India are more exotic and the veins more spectacular. When you see the plates in emerald shades, which also combine brown and yellow tones, you feel like you are in a story. This is why I called this special marble “Rain forest” and it is highly appreciated by customers. Others imitate wood and look like they come directly from the forest. And the granite from the quarries in India is very hard and of a higher quality than that from China. I called it “Absolute black” and “Black classic” and immediately attracts the eyes of those who arrive in the Mesta showrooms,” said manager Bilal Gür.

23 quarries in Turkey, a successful brand: Mesta

When the key word in a business is “quality”, things seem to go smoothly. Mesta representative Bilal Gür says he has risked a lot, because he opened the factory in Constanta at the beginning of the economic crisis, in 2009. However, it was an assumed risk, as he knows this business very well. In Turkey, his family has had such a factory for 25 years, thus the processing of marble and travertine is a tradition for them.

Marmura si travertin MestaAlso in Turkey, the company has 23 quarries in partnership with other companies. In addition, Mesta has collaborations in China, India, Greece and Brazil and brings stone from almost all the quarries in the world, where there are special and quality materials. “We import the stone blocks and bring them in containers on ships through Constanta Port. Here we cut, process and shape them. We have had very big projects all over the country, especially in Bucharest where we also have a showroom, but also in Constanța, Cluj, Timișoara and Iași. This year alone, we have done work in more than 10,000 homes throughout the country, whether we are talking about marble countertops, stairs, floors, bathrooms, ventilated facades or decorative profiles.

Baia placata MestaBasically, we do all kinds of projects. This year we opened two warehouses and showrooms in Germany and the UK, and by 2020 we want to expand to France as well. We want to export the products we make in Constanta all over Europe. This year we have set out to reach a turnover of over 5 million euros only at Mesta Marble and Travertine, and next year we have set ourselves to increase to 7 million euros, only on the Romanian market”, said for Discover Dobrogea the Mesta General Manager, Bilal Gür.

Onyx, an expensive but very decorative stone

Right from the entrance of the showroom in Constanta, an onyx-plated and well-lit reception draws your attention, so that the first thought that goes through your head is where you could put such a jewelry at home. Bilal Gür says that Mesta uses the onyx more for decorations, bars, for bedside tables, but also in some lit areas of the kitchen.

Onix Mesta It is a transparent material that transmits light discreetly and elegantly. Being a semiprecious stone, the onyx is also the most expensive in the entire shop. “Our clients have asked for onyx for the arrangement of penthouses, both in Constanta and in Bucharest. We bring it from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan or Brazil, so we have several types of onyx. We make different models, hexagons, octogons, 3D sculptures or we can do a combination of several colours, with different designs and materials or even onyx ceilings, very beautifully lit”, declared Mesta Manager, Bilal Gür.

How can customers order Mesta products?

Those who do not arrive in the showroom in Constanța or in the one in Bucharest-Otopeni, can order the products online, from the new stoneoutlet.ro shop. The sales team provides them with all the necessary details, and customers receive recommendations, depending on the arrangement they want to make.

Mesta marmura si travertin Bilal Gür says that consulting is assured, because marble and travertine have special designs and textures, and clients who cannot orient themselves are helped. The online shop is at the beginning, it has been open for 3 months, because there is a very high demand in the country for Mesta products, we have also found out from the company manager. He said that Mesta has extended Black Friday until November 25th, and discounts in the online shop are up to 45%. Customers have already ordered, especially marble, travertine, window sills and even mosaics.

Mesta marmura si travertinA successful business, with realistic prices and people with a great sense of responsibility, who put quality first. Because Mesta wants its products to be appreciated and highlighted at their true value, it offers packages that include transportation and assembly. Thus, there is no risk that any unskilled worker will break or spoil these high quality materials and the customers be dissatisfied. They have thought of everything, and in case of problems, they are solved together, as team, in an amicable way. Imagination should your only concern, that Mesta can make any work out of natural stone.


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